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While doing this blog, I’ve learned that living is not only what you add to your life but what you give up. Some things you’ll be glad to get rid of. Some things you’ll miss forever. Others, you might not even notice they’re gone until they pop into your head when jogged through a conversation, noticing a similar landmark, or stumbling across a photo or object when cleaning out your closet.

The point is, I’ll be giving up media for a week, starting on the first. I’m usually not one for New Year’s resolutions (mine for the past several years has been to drink more) but it just so happens to be close to this decision I figure I’ll join the ranks of the resolu-ters.

What I’m giving up:

movies, television, video games (console and phone), internet video sites (youtube, hulu, etc. unless it involves learning how to operate my recorder, computer, instruments). These will be modified for the sake of experiencing one of these with another person i.e. my girlfriend, my parents, friends, etc. which shouldn’t be a problem during the work week.

What I’m keeping:

wordpress, facebook, novels/books/magazines, podcasts (limited to 2 shows while at work), music

This may not seem like much to some but I love all these things. I’ve just about built my life around media so I’m hoping this will force me to change my daily habits and focus more on my creative projects. If it goes well, I’ll try it again. Wish my luck!


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In spite of the busyness of the season, I was able to take my girlfriend and a couple friends to get a Christmas tree. I’ve never been one for going to a lot with precut trees (I felt a little dirty after that experience) so I took them all to a tree farm out in the country. I went there last year with my parents and was happy with the selection and price. 

When we got there, I learned that out of the three people I was with, none of them had ever cut down a Christmas tree. This was fascinating to me since my family had the tradition since I was a baby. I made the decision right there that my friends would be participating in the sawing.

It was a dreary day with the sky molded over with clouds and a light but steady drizzle coming down. After taking a saw from the booth, we set out into the rows of trees. Quite a few trees had already been cut but there was still a decent selection and it didn’t take long for us to find some good ones. Once we picked one out, I started the cut and had my girlfriend finish it. I did the same for the next one, having my friends finish theirs as well. I don’t know if they appreciated the experience but being able to share one of my family traditions with them meant a lot to me. Booyah!

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