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Developing a set of stories based in a very specific world has been coming along nicely but has been a difficult process, especially when this world involves time travel mechanics, steampunk technology, americana art, fusion restaurants, comedic movies, farmland, and a character that can take a simple pocket watch and turn it into an instrument that realizes his dream but at the same time destroys it. Needless to say, it has been a bit overwhelming.

What has been keeping me going and making this task manageable for me is breaking it up into smaller stories and sections. Basically working backwards, the story has forced me to discover my character’s motivations, personality, wants, and needs while at the same time moving the story along at a good pace.

Small goal, the process, the result.

I’m not bringing anything new to the process but breaking it down like this was a big step for me. Eventually, all these small stories will build into a bigger one and (hopefully) more meaningful one. I think as long as each small story has a theme or purpose to the overall story arc, the rising action will take care of itself.

I’ll post sections of the stories I think are decent or are ready for a peer review as they come. Happy writing all!



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We couldn’t have asked for a better day to visit the zoo. 70’s, clear, and not too busy. We didn’t have time to see everything, partly due to the one hour plus wait to see the baby panda as soon as we arrived. We could have skipped it but how are you going to miss out seeing a baby panda!? Impossible.



The bus tour gave us new angles with which to see some of the animals but I enjoyed walking along the path much more. I was also excited about the people mover ride, something Disneyland took down because too many people were falling out or dropping things.



The Ice Age 4D movie was also a nice opportunity to rest for a few minutes and involved showing a shortened version of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs with effects like air blowers around our feet and sprayed water in our faces. At least, judging from the on screen events, hoped it was just water.

We saw plenty of animals and look forward to when we can go back and see the rest!









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As I was driving by the Everett waterfront yesterday, I looked toward the water and saw that the old paper mill/factory that had been there since I was a kid and probably many years before, was in the middle of being torn down. The building always held great imaginative value for me since it was the closest thing to a Dickens novel I had seen in person so I had to take some pics.






The building was a dilapidated mess for years and NEEDED to come before it collapsed on its own and created an asbestos cloud that infected all of Everett (is it too late for that?!) but I enjoyed looking at it whenever I drove by. It will be missed.

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Instagram-oh my damn

I’ve been getting into Instagram lately and found it to be quite enjoyable. It’s like Facebook without the social games. Here is a small sampling of my mad camera skills:






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So it’s been two weeks since I decided to take a break from my multimedia vices so I thought I’d post an update. I officially started on Wednesday, January 2nd since it was the first day I was alone and my goal was to go until today, Friday, January 11th with a break on the weekends to spend with my girlfriend. Left alone to my own devices, I was to stay away from TV, movies, youtube, video games, and basically anything where I was seated and passively staring at a screen. My exceptions were things that were interactive with others like facebook, twitter, instagram, and words with friends. My goal for this was to produce more, finish projects, work on my music and stories – basically anything that I could one day put on the internet, perform, or refine my craft.

So…did I succeed in my goal? I believe I did. Working full time and losing and hour or two to a movie and a series of youtube videos saps plenty of productive time during the day. So to at least be able to use that extra couple of hours to spend on creating something was extremely helpful. I was able to go to the gym everyday this week! Something I haven’t done in years (I’m INCREDIBLY ripped now!) The extra time was also helpful in starting more songs then I have had at any one time. I was able to think about structure and form of a story and some other projects.

Now, I did watch a couple videos people posted on facebook but it wasn’t nearly the sinkhole that youtube usually is, probably because I knew my goal was zero and that a three minute digression was more then enough. I actually felt a little guilty about doing so. 

While these last few days were not strictly structured, the basics were there and with a little refining, could be well worth the effort. The question is, can I keep this up and not succumb to my very real desire to lay back and experience great media?


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Football!! I have to admit, it’s hard for me to sit through and watch an entire game on T.V. I just get antsy thinking about other things I could be doing. Going to a game and seeing it in person is great and I have no problem with that. The entire atmosphere is a hoot and a holler to experience, whether the home team wins or loses. The roller coaster of emotions the crowd goes through from start to finish is a great way to bond with people who you would most likely never share anything with. You’re all on the same journey of emotion…provided you’re rooting for the same team. 

When I was growing up, I would go to games with my dad and one of his friends who would ALWAYS root for the opposing team. People around us wouldn’t appreciate it too much but I always thought it was funny. Still, I like being able to cheer along with a stadium full of people cheering the same thing.

I haven’t been to a football game in years but my girlfriend and I wanted to see one. With tickets to the first Seahawk playoff game of the season sold out or super expensive, we decided to go someplace, hoping to get that same feeling of the crowd minus the enormous price tag.

We decided on the 520 Bar and Grill in Old Bellevue. While not really a ‘sports bar’, there were several televisions on the walls and a bar with which to gather around. The place looked like a converted house and the waitresses were dressed in the Seahawk colors. Besides being a little pricey, it was a nice place for us to watch the game. And we watched all of it, something I haven’t done all year and most likely the year before.



It was a great game and we did get that roller coaster we went for. The crowd was really into it, especially when the Seahawks began scoring and pulling away. While it wasn’t the same as being there in person, we had a good time and are now looking forward to the game next week! Go Hawks!!

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I missed this last year and was very disappointed that I did. It looked like a great way to spend an hour away from the holiday craziness and just enjoy the simple pleasure of looking at a well structured group of pretty lights. It feels like there are less and less neighborhoods that do a big light show on the houses and in their yards so it’s good to know a place that does it up nice. 



An aquarium setting…Looks so real!Image




Snap the Dragon. One of my favorite displays here.Image


The blue lights are supposed to be small streams. The light would systematically flash to give it a flowing effect. Difficult to capture in a photo…Image




It’s too late this year but if you have the opportunity next holiday season, I highly suggest you take the time and check it out.

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