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Going into the final day of mixing, I couldn’t help but feel great about the entire project. Every one of the songs sounded, not only different, but so much more amazing than I thought possible. Everyone who contributed left an indelible mark on the songs, improving them in every way.

As the project is nearing completion, I need to start thinking about what comes next. The name of the album, shows, promotion, mastering, video, etc are all thing I need to figure out and decide on. The way the songs are turning out, I’ve decided I need to change a few things I was planning on doing. Homemade MS paint cd covers won’t cut it this time. I need to do a little bigger this time, not just think about it.



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Finally finished all the tracking today! The core tracks were done so once I got to the studio, Don and I were able to have some fun, creating harmonies, adding percussion, and some accordion. We added a huge harmony to Butterscotch Mary and small piano part to Give Me More. I was also able to break out my accordion on A Great Escape and Suckerfish to add some depth as well as solos.

Now, we’re getting into the mixing, a tedious but important part of the recording process. Lady is finished, ready to print. We’re getting this thing done! It’ll be tight and the next few days will be busy if we’re to finished all 11 songs by Saturday night but everything has been smooth so far.

I’m really excited to get this thing out so everyone can hear it! It’s a project that is really close and important to me, not only as a musical project but also a personal one. All these songs were born out of genuine emotion that I didn’t always share with others so putting it out there is a bit scary for me, especially being as inverted as I tend to be. In a way, I’m viewing this as a personal experiment. I’ve never done anything to this kind of scale on my own, following something I really care about from inception to completion. I’m branching out. It feels great but I know it’ll feel even better once its finished.


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As things are progressing with the album, it’s becoming more and more apparent that branching out has been good for me. The quality of the music has been exponentially raised by bringing in Don, Drew, Dale, Starlyn, and Bill so the songs have so much more depth to them then I had thought possible.

Last night, we brought in one more contributor, Ilya Ignatov to play some lead guitar and it sounded fantastic! It really added another great layer to everyone else’s efforts and I’m really happy with what he played.

Now, we have a few more things to lay down before the mixing. If everything goes smoothly (which it has so far), we’ll have a fully mixed product by Sunday. YESSSS!!!!


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Something I really must keep in mind as I continue to pursue my creative ventures.

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Our culture has been infected with a disease of distortion, what I’m calling “End-of-the-Rainbow-Thinking.” We can all be guilty of this. We see the mega-best-selling-indie, the New York Times best-selling author, the successful small business, the guy with the big house or the family who lives debt-free and we scope-lock on the end result as if this “success” POOF! erupted from the ether.

Reality television superstars, fluke mega-advances for first-time authors, and lottery-winners only reinforce this Get-Successful-Quick-With-No-Effort-On-Our-Part mindset.

The Kardashian Konundrum

A couple days ago, I was checking out at the grocery store and there is an entire issue of a magazine devoted to Kim Kardashian. Why? What has she contributed other than fodder for the gossip mill? Yet, these are the role models that, whether we like it or not, can infect how we view ourselves, our goals and what we seek to accomplish.

We must be mindful to…

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Things are sounding great!

Four days into the recording process, we are well on our way to completing the album in the amount of time we agreed upon. Bill Ibsen and my dad Dale completed the drum tracks for all 11 songs last weekend and Drew Mitchell finished up the bass Saturday.

With the rhythm tracks completed, it was my turn to do my thing. I alternated between acoustic guitar and vocals, with a break from my lovely girlfriend Starlyn who lent her voice to a track. The song was not her style but she did a wonderful job!

Last night, as Don and I were discussing the progression of things and planning the next few days, we were pleasantly surprised at our progress. The acoustic guitar tracks were done. Seven, possibly eight, vocal tracks were done. With two more days before we begin mixing, we have plenty of time to finish the electric guitars, the rest of the vocals and any extra keyboard and harmonies we might think of.

I’m really happy with the progression of this project. It’s going smoothly, everyone involved has been super awesome, and the songs are sounding AMAZING!! I’ll try posting some examples when I get a chance for everyone to check out.

Thanks for reading and sharing!


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Looking around wordpress today, I came across a fun little flash-fiction piece that inspired me to try my fingers at fiction. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on my novel or written any fiction at all so I wanted to get back into it. Just a short story, a few hundred words, maybe a thousand to keep the fiction writing juices flowing.

But after struggling to find a place to start and somehow blanking on how to spell ‘missile’ and ‘scratch’, I decided the fiction part of my brain is just not feeling it today. It wasn’t bad but I need to apply a fair amount of editing to it before I post it.

I was hoping that all the personal stories and observations I HAVE been writing about would translate into a better writing style for my fiction, to make the writing process a little bit easier and not such a struggle. But they are VERY different muscles and popping into a new world, building it from scratch (HA! spelled it on the first try!), and making it believable is too much at this point, especially with prepping for my album. 

Fiction – I will return to you.

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Just a quick post to update the progress of the album.

Entering the studio on Saturday, a nervous excitement filled my being. Even though I had paid the deposit and had verbal and written commitments from all involved, I still felt as if going there alone I was doing something wrong, that I had made a mistake.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Spending time in the studio was amazing! Engineer and owner Don Farwell made everything sound great and drummers Dale Scholtz and Bill Ibsen as well as bassist Drew Mitchell made the songs so much more fuller and amazing than I imagined.

With the drum recording finished and half the bass completed, I’m excited to get back to it this weekend and continue to work on this very personal project. One I hope not only I will enjoy, but will be enjoyed by everyone who listens to it.


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