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I’m approaching 20k words on my novel and it’s going pretty smooth. I have a good momentum and even being in the midst of a few projects and family visits, I have a clear view of where I’m going. Of course there are blurry spots. I’ve even written through a few.

But as I near one of my word count goals, the subject of editing has been whispering louder and louder in my ear. I know it’s a vital part of the writing process and very important if I ever want to have my novel published, or even read.

But when do I edit? Like I wrote, I have some momentum in developing the plot, characters and theme and would like to keep that going. It feels like beginning to edit at this point would be a huge wall to the momentum I’ve gained and I’m afraid of losing it permanently.

I’ve heard Stephen King finishes a complete manuscript and even moves on to something else before he begins to edit. I’ve heard others edit as they go. I’ve also heard people going back to edit every fifty thousand words, or twenty thousand words, or even every chapter.

All of these seem legit and workable depending on how the author works so I was wondering what fellow writers do, when they edit and any tricks or tips when they finally do edit.

Have any advice? Have any comments? I’d love to hear about it.


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