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I feel useless tonight

A confection that’s stale and might

Break a tooth if indulgence succumbed 

Better to leave me alone
I feel horny tonight

Anxious and longing cause the moment is right

Driven from terrors of quieted rage

Trapped inside a locked cage
I was searching

I was searching for my soul

Cause I was sent here

I was sent to rock and roll
Someone save me tonight

There’s no reason, no wrongs and no rights

Just a sad lonely ghost

Trying to make the most
Someone save me tonight

I’m a little boy lost to the night

With no light source no one for a guide

Someone save me tonight
I was searching

I was searching for my soul

Cause I was sent here

I was sent to rock and roll
Someone save me tonight


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  So, I’ve had some people ask me if I’ve been writing music lately. It’s been a while since I’ve released anything and honestly, that’s a little difficult for me to take. I love writing music and during the year and a half since writing and recording my last album, Suckerfish, I realized how much. It took an absence of writing for me to figure it out as well as a listen back to all the song ideas I had recorded on my last phone’s recorder. I listened to everything I recorded, from four second vocal ideas to fully formed songs that for one reason or another didn’t make it into my band’s setlist or onto my last album. Some of these I had zero recollection of. But I was blown away by some of them. Listening, I could see why I had recorded them in the first place. The sparks of a good idea, the excitement of discovering a new chord progression or riff were apparent in many. I could remember feeling like I had discovered gold, that a series of notes, energy, rhythm, tempo, and tone came together to form something so great that I knew it needed to be recorded.Creativity comes to me in waves, it seems. Sometimes only trickles of songs come while other times I nearly drown in them. The last few months have been the latter and it feels great.

So, to answer those people that have been asking, “Have you been writing?”, the answer is yes. Very much so. At this point, I have enough new material to record an album. My dilemma though, is the tone of the songs. They vary quite a bit and I’ve always appreciated albums that have a similar vibe throughout. 

So, what to do? That’s the question I’m working through right now. There are several other factors I need to take into consideration but none are as immediate as this.

I will keep posting updates about my progress, as well as other surprises and such. In the meantime, take care!

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It seems like I’ve been at this forever but I’m finally getting it together! I’ve missed writing here on wordpress and commenting back and forth with the great writers that are everywhere on this site. Below is the reason I’ve been away. My album is finally finished!!

This is a link to the digital album. Please listen to the samples and download if you like what you hear. I’ll post a link for the physical album once I get that sorted out. Do people even buy cds anymore?? I guess I’ll find out.

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Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Mine was filled with family, relaxation, and good times. I braved Black Friday but could only take an hour, and late night at that when the craziness had died down.

I have some exciting news on the music front. My album Suckerfish is available on iTunes!! I’m now up there with acts like Garfunkel and Oates, Adam Green, Marcy Playground, Green Day, Weezer, Muse, Taylor Dayne, Bananarama, etc. You get the picture.

As a celebration of that accomplishment, I uploaded a new song to stream on my bandcamp page. It’s called Malady and I hope you enjoy it! Download it from iTunes and leave a comment in the ratings section. It will really help this album get noticed. Thanks so much!


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It’s funny how things fit together.

A couple months ago, my girlfriend and I decided to finally get our tickets to the symphony after a year of talking about it. I’ve been several times before but she hadn’t been to the Seattle Symphony or Benaroya Hall. I’m not good at placing names to the music. That’s always been difficult for me. People too. I’ve had numerous incidents where I tiptoe around the issue when I’m talking with someone I know but have forgotten their name and one very embarrassing moment when introducing a group of people and forgetting one of their names. Didn’t really hear from her much after that…

So, as we’re going down the list of pieces the symphony will be performing and listening to the short samples provided, we decide on Verdi’s Requiem. We also decide to not look it up on youtube so it will be more of a surprise and fresh experience when we go.

Last night we went and I got a fun surprise. The musicians started the “Dies Irae” movement of the piece and I was blown away. It’s a great piece and they played it wonderfully but the reason I was blown away was that it was featured in the opening credits of Battle Royale, which I wrote about on Friday. 

Funny how these things flutter around the brain then come together at points you least expect.

Here’s a link to a great BBC Symphony Orchestra performance. 34:50 is my favorite section.

As great as this performance is, it doesn’t compare to being there in the same room as the musicians. For me, I tend to associate this type of orchestral music with movies and video games, as if it’s something that doesn’t really exist in the real world. I think for many of us, this is the first, and sometimes only, way we experience this kind of music. It’s background and is only meant to embellish what we are watching. By going to a concert hall and having nothing else to focus on but the musicians and performers, the music is suddenly in the spotlight and the feeling is otherworldly. Watching everyday people like you and me perform such complicated and sophisticated pieces is humbling and inspiring. If you haven’t been, I highly suggest it. It’s a much different experience than listening to the same music on a cd.

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Suckerfish is ready for download! – click link

I’ve realized lately that it doesn’t matter if no one listens to this, buys it, downloads it, likes it, shares it, or appreciates it.

I love it. I’m very proud of it. I’m extremely grateful to everyone who had a hand in making it, everyone who inspired it, and everyone who supported it.

While I invented characters and plot lines, and changed some lyrics to accommodate the story, this is a very personal record for me. All of the songs were inspired by someone I know or something that happened and while some of the scenes are fantastical, they all started in a very real and vulnerable place. This makes it equal parts scary to put out there and rewarding that a big part of me is in this and ready for others to experience.

So I’m okay if this album falls on impaired ears. It was something I had to do and I had to put out. And who knows? Maybe enough people will appreciate it and share it with others who appreciate it and it keeps going and going until I hear from someone in Belarus who loves listening to it as much as I do. That would be amazing.

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I’m fine. A human only needs 4 hours of sleep a night, right?

Last night I dreamt I was American Idol, which was being held on a construction site for some reason. When I started singing my song Suckerfish, my voice was high and tinny and I couldn’t seem to control it no matter how much I tried. I was one of those contestants that Simon Cowell just laughs at because they’re so terrible. And he did in his smug way.

I’m not nervous about releasing this album at all. Nope, not me. O_0


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