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  So, I’ve had some people ask me if I’ve been writing music lately. It’s been a while since I’ve released anything and honestly, that’s a little difficult for me to take. I love writing music and during the year and a half since writing and recording my last album, Suckerfish, I realized how much. It took an absence of writing for me to figure it out as well as a listen back to all the song ideas I had recorded on my last phone’s recorder. I listened to everything I recorded, from four second vocal ideas to fully formed songs that for one reason or another didn’t make it into my band’s setlist or onto my last album. Some of these I had zero recollection of. But I was blown away by some of them. Listening, I could see why I had recorded them in the first place. The sparks of a good idea, the excitement of discovering a new chord progression or riff were apparent in many. I could remember feeling like I had discovered gold, that a series of notes, energy, rhythm, tempo, and tone came together to form something so great that I knew it needed to be recorded.Creativity comes to me in waves, it seems. Sometimes only trickles of songs come while other times I nearly drown in them. The last few months have been the latter and it feels great.

So, to answer those people that have been asking, “Have you been writing?”, the answer is yes. Very much so. At this point, I have enough new material to record an album. My dilemma though, is the tone of the songs. They vary quite a bit and I’ve always appreciated albums that have a similar vibe throughout. 

So, what to do? That’s the question I’m working through right now. There are several other factors I need to take into consideration but none are as immediate as this.

I will keep posting updates about my progress, as well as other surprises and such. In the meantime, take care!


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